A Bikedispenser?

In America we unwillingly run to a food dispenser, thumb in some loose change, and guiltily unwrap a candy bar or pop a soda lid for a quick rush of energy that will inevitably let us down soon thereafter. We can now, however, come to associate dispensers with more positive sentiments, with the development of more wholesome machines, like the Bikedispenser! Instead of loading up on fast-burning sugars, you can take a quick zip around the block for a natural jolt of energy and, not to mention, get to work, pick up groceries, and tour around a new city.

This idea was developed by Springtime and Post & Dekker in 2007 to provide 24/7 carbon-free and affordable mobility and has grown steadily since. The system is comprised of a storage compartment, automatic in-take and issue and payment and self-identification stations. Bikes can also be transported to an underground storage space, to save space above ground, that can hold 30, 50 or 100 bikes. Inventor Luud Schimmelpennink is accredited with first coming up with the idea, but it was just too outlandish at the time to be taken seriously. Now that the environment is one of the most important issues on our plate today, this futuristic idea will become a reality. Many US cities have bike rental areas, but the Bikedispenser will make the process more of a breeze.

--- Annie

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