What to Wear to the Countryside

On the topic of Vogue's Most Wanted list on what to pack (Loomstate x Keds military booties!) for a trip to the English countryside... Lush greenery, rolling hills, bright skies with moody clouds, and sheep - what's not to like? Whether you're going home to greener pastures for the holidays or taking a break from the city, here's a list of what we would (and did) bring on an escape like this.

Heavy duty canvas anorak
It's just good ol' cotton canvas, but it's surprisingly waterproof and windproof.

The Superfine Alpaca and Andean Highland Wool  blend makes this sweater warm and cozy. 
Tried and true in the chilly countryside.

Layer this flannel shirt under the cardigan and you're set. 

Anyone who's lived through snowy winters knows that knit leggings are the way to go. 
The extra long length scrunches up to double as leg warmers under boots.

A pair of rain boots for navigating through muddy grass and sheep feces (careful! they look a lot like pebbles). We like the sleek, modern look of these Loeffler Randall ones, and the back zipper lets you adjust the leg width for thicker bottoms!

Fingerless gloves are warm and efficient. These alpaca ones from ROGAN will let you easily take pictures and even eat some chips (/fries) without having to freeze your hands.

Now all you need is a bottle of cider to enjoy while you watch the sun set behind the hills and the sheep return home.

--- Viv

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