Thursday, April 17, 2014

Teens Turning Green Fashion Show

Teens Turning Green is a student led initiative focused on educating and advocating environmentally conscious and socially responsible decisions for individuals, schools, and communities. They lead a large variety of programs promoting sustainability and other forms of social consciousness. 

Loomstate wants to supports TTG and their cause, so we will be donating clothing for their Conscious College Road Tour, which is a series of ethical fashion shows showing at different colleges and universities around the U.S. Stop by Barnard/Columbia University on Thursday, April 17th to see Loomstate and other sustainable fashion brands strut down the runway, plus our Sustainability Director will be a part of the panel discussion to follow!

The event will be held at Barnard College in Altschul Hall and is open to the public, no RSVP necessary.

If you are a student and want to get involved with TTG visit their website and find out how to become a Student Intern or Campus Representative.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Loomstate's NEW Forest Policy

We are excited to announce that we partnered with Canopy to support a NEW Forest Policy that is going to have a positive impact on ancient and endangered forests. It is also an amazing to be joined by two of the world's largest retailers, H&M and Zara, for this "Fashion Loved by Forests" campaign.
Photo by our Sustainability Director, Rhett Godfrey

Loomstate recognizes that we can be at the forefront of the latest design trends while simultaneously developing solutions for the environment around us. We are committed to exploring and supporting the use and development of fabrics that safeguard the world's ancient and endangered forests.

In order to conserve ancient and endangered forests and ecosystems we will:

  • Never use fabrics made of dissolving pulp from ancient and endangered forest areas of any kind.
  • Never source fabric from companies that are logging forests illegally.
  • Support Canopy's collaborative and visionary system solutions that protect the remaining ancient and endangered forests.
  • Give preferences to suppliers that show a commitment toward the conservation of these forests.
  • Engage with our suppliers to change practices and/or re-evaluate our relationship with them if we find that our fibers come from ancient and endangered forests, endangered species habitats, or illegal logging.

We will also continue our commitment to use more environmentally and socially positive fabrics, reduce our greenhouse gas footprint, and promote industry leadership in environmental conservation.

Read Loomstate's Forest Policy > 

See what other brands are forest friendly >

Monday, April 7, 2014

Solar Soirée

Earth will find herself between the Sun and Mars this coming Tuesday, April 8th. A few days later, Earth will be closer to Mars than she's been in over six years, resulting in some extraordinary views of Mars (a.k.a. the Red Planet). Don't miss out!

mars red planet
Photo via MSN News

Explanation Please!
Earth and Mars circle the Sun along different orbits. Earth takes 365 days to complete its orbit around the Sun and Mars takes 687. This means the planets spend most of their time in different positions relative to the Sun at varying distances from one another. However, about every two years their positions align, which brings Earth and Mars into relatively close proximity. This is when the planets are on their closest approach and we Earthlings get the best possible views of the Red Planet.

What, When, Where?
April is the best time to look for Mars anyways, but the two dates you want to pay extra attention to this year are Tuesday, April 8th and Monday, April 14th. This Tuesday is when Earth will be passing between Mars and the Sun. Next Monday will be the time when Earth and Mars are closest to one another. That night is the one you especially don't want to miss out on because Mars will be at its biggest in over six years and it will coincide with a total lunar eclipse. Not only that, but the Moon and Mars will actually appear beside each other and blazing red in the night sky. This will be the first total lunar eclipse visible from North America since December 2011!

You will be able to spot Mars coming up over the Eastern horizon around sunset for most of April. Mars should be easy to spot throughout the whole night. Make sure to look for the orange-red spot shining bright. NASA has also stated that during the middle of the month, "the full moon will be gliding by the Red Planet in the constellation Virgo" throughout the night, "providing a can't-miss landmark in the midnight sky." Read on >

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Farm Bill Supports Organic Future

Image via the New York Times.
Last month President Obama signed a new Farm Bill that looks like it's headed in the right direction! The bill will have a wholly positive impact on the US farming industry, further strides by the USDA, and support a healthier general public. If you don't have time to digest the entire bill, here are some key takeaways that'll keep you in know and able to hold a conversation on the topic. 
  • Farmer Safety Net - the bill will provide American farmers with a safety net via various crop insurance programs.  This transfers some of the risk of crop volatility off the farmers and onto the federal government.
  • Easy Access - Americans, notably food stamp recipients, will have easier access to healthy, USA-grown produce.  Programs that are getting fresh produce into communities without will see more financial support from the government.
  • Packaging Upgrade - now all pork, chicken and beef products are required to list more information on their labels, so now you can connect with the're about to eat.  You will know where the animal is from and where it was processed.
  • Environmental Conservation - Farmers who want to produce subsidized crops, like corn, wheat and soy, are now required to follow a series of conservation guidelines, to protect virgin land and limit soil erosion.  For example, farmers that cut down virgin forests for farmland could receive only half of the normal subsidies. 
  • Taxpayer Transition - the bill includes a shift in which farmers are to benefit from taxpayer dollars.  Now, fruit and vegetable, and organic farmers will see more support. Financial support for farmers transitioning to organic farming (normally a three year process) has doubled.
  • Subsidized Crops - sushi rice and a few others have been added to the list of subsidized row crops.  If sushi rice prices drop too low, the government will now make up the difference. 

Read more of bill's highlights here and the original article from the New York Times here.

Friday, March 21, 2014

World Water Day 3-22-14

                              WWD Photo Competition Finalist

Loomstate is looking to make some waves on World Water Day.

What is World Water Day? 
This day is about raising awareness for how our water and energy usage are intertwined and what that means for us going forward. It is a day to contribute to the conversation on the wide range of issues related to the nexus of water and energy and much more.  It is also a time for us to appreciate the access to water and energy we do have, since there are 1.3 billion people who cannot access electricity and 768 million who don't have access to improved water resources.

How are water and energy connected?
Water is needed to produce almost every type of energy and energy is needed extract, treat, and distribute water. This cycle is getting more difficult to facilitate as the demand for water and energy increases all over the world. "Saving water is saving energy. Saving energy is saving water."

What can you do?
There are a lot of ways you can conserve water every day of the year. Here are just a few:

  • Check for leaks in your faucets and pipes to assure no excess water is being wasted.
  • Install water-saving shower heads and low-flow faucet aerators.
  • Create a float booster in your toilet tank with recyclable plastic bottles to cut down on water waste. Fill two bottles with an inch or two of sand or pebbles to weigh them down. Fill them with water, screw the lids on, and put them in your toilet tank. Make sure they are safely away from the operating mechanisms. Or you can buy an inexpensive tank bank or float booster. This may save ten or more gallons of water per day.
  • Hand wash your clothes and dishes when possible. If you must use your washers then make sure you are doing full loads.
  • Cool your drinking water in the fridge instead of running the water for a long time.
  • The most obvious, but still important, don't let your water run while brushing your teeth and take shorter showers.
  • See more water saving tips from Surfrider.

What is Loomstate doing?
This Saturday and Sunday we will be donating 50% of all our profits (excluding jewelry) and 100% of the profits from our Sandy Recover Tee collection to Waves for Water. This will be ending Sunday night at 12am EST. So make sure to shop before Monday to help out this great organization and celebrate World Water Day!

Read more information about WWD here.