Monday, September 29, 2014

TMRW TGTHR // Nordstrom Popin

Nordstrom Paramus Garden State Popin
Products by Loomstate and a handful of other responsible clothing and accessories brands were brought together by Nordstrom's Creative Projects Director, Olivia Kim, and presented in TMRW TGTHR PopIn shops at select locations. We visited the Nordstrom in Paramus, NJ for a look.  The white floors, life-size shark and thoughtful things will transport you to a beachy place, yes even in the middle of a NJ mall!  We're psyched to be a part of this project and hope you can pop in to one near you - locations.

Nordstrom Paramus Garden State Popin

Nordstrom Paramus Garden State Popin

Nordstrom Paramus Garden State Popin

Nordstrom Paramus Garden State Popin
Nordstrom Paramus Garden State Popin

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

People's Climate March

310,000 people took to the streets of New York City to call for climate action - the largest climate march in history! Events took place in 156 countries and we were so energized by being a part of the NY march. Do you think we got the point across? Keep the message going and pick up one of our new "It's Not Warming It's Dying" tees designed by Milton Glaser.
peoples climate march
peoples climate march
peoples climate march
peoples climate march
peoples climate march
peoples climate march
peoples climate march
peoples climate march
peoples climate march
Photos by Loomstate's Director of Services Ramon Lopez!

Friday, September 19, 2014

It's Not Warming It's Dying

peoples climate march

This is a collaboration meant to make a difference. Starting at the Climate March, we hope these tees will circle the globe and make everyone take notice!

 The "It's Not Warming It's Dying," tee, by iconic graphic designer Milton Glaser (think classic "I love NY" graphic) is printed on organic cotton tees in collaboration with Purible and Loomstate. The unisex tee is modeled above by Kamala, our sustainability intern!



Meet Milton....

Monday, September 15, 2014

TMRW TGTHR Pop-in @ Nordstrom

nordstrom popin shop
Nordstrom’s Creative Projects Director and style inspiration Olivia Kim has curated a Pop-In shop featuring eco-friendly, upcycled, artisanal and community-focused goods to help us build a better tomorrow - together. You can shop online or visit one of the Nordstrom Pop-In locations! In the eco-friendly section you’ll find Loomstate sweats, graphic tees, printed chambrays, and totes, exclusive for Nordstrom. Shop Loomstate for Nordstrom.

Shop TMRW TGTHR September 12 to October 12 at or in person at the following Nordstrom stores: 

Bellevue Square 
100 Bellevue Square Bellevue, WA 98004 

Downtown Seattle 
500 Pine Street Seattle, WA 98101 

Garden State Plaza 
501 Garden State Plaza Paramus, NJ 07652 

NorthPark Center 
8687 North Central Expressway Dallas, TX 75225 

Oakbrook Center 
10 Oakbrook Center Oak Brook, IL 60523 

The Plaza at King of Prussia 
190 North Gulph Road King of Prussia, PA 19406 

San Francisco Centre 
865 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94103 

Tysons Corner Center 
8075 Tysons Corner Center McLean, VA 22102 

People's Climate March

This is going to be the largest climate march in history and we are so excited to rally together with a like-minded group around the shared mission of protecting our global environment and the beautiful creatures that rely on its health. Please join the movement and sign up for the march

Get Involved! Our friend and Art Coordinator of the People's Climate March, Rachel Schragis, needs some creative hands to paint, draw, and construct.  Join her at 214 Starr Street, Brooklyn any time 11am-1am each day leading up to the march. They are literally working non-stop and would love your help!

WALK the WALK with Loomstate and friends - meet us at 81st St x Broadway on the NW corners at 10am on Sunday. From there, we will join the walk together.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Imaginary Surfing in New York

W Hotels Surf Board
We partnered with W Hotels on a beautiful 6'6 egg surfboard, perfect for the waves in Rockaway and shaped by Brooklyn's David Murphy! We chatted with David about "eco-friendly" shaping and favorite post-surf eats in the interview below. The board will be auctioned off to support Rockaway rebuild non-profit Graybeards. Proceeds from the One Last Wave cocktail party at W Union Square will also be donated.

How to get your hands on the board:
1) Visit W Hotel Union Square and snap a photo of the board
2) Share on Instagram and tag #WSURF with your bid (min. $600)

If you're not in Instagram, feel free to e-mail
W Hotels Surf Board
W Hotels Surf Board
W Hotels Surf Board
W Hotels Surf Board

What got you into shaping and where's your studio? 
I started shaping Alaias. They’re modeled after traditional Hawaiian surf craft, really just a plank of wood with some fancy contours. They’re the fastest thing in the water, but also hard to ride so I eventually started trying to translate some of that speed into foam and fiberglass. We know you like to experiment.

What's the strangest board you've made yet and how does it ride? 
Ha, I’ve made some real duds. I made one 4’11 that worked in anything up to 10’. It had small bonzer fins and a funky rail that stuck really well but it would do a hard turn and then want to correct and go back the way it was already going. It was actually really fun for me to ride. Just so bizarre. My shop assistant is geeking out on it right now.

Your boards are considered eco-friendly. How so? 
Let’s be honest, when you make something, unless it’s compostable it’s probably not really eco-friendly. That said, I do my best to use reclaimed or recycled materials, but more importantly, I make the most durable high performance boards possible with the materials available. The longer a board lasts, and the more durable it is, the longer we put off sending it to the landfill. I use high grade fiberglass with similar flex to carbon fiber and build layers of cork or wood into my boards to create unique and stronger flex patterns as well as vacuum bagging the glass layers to strengthen the glass. I also use epoxy and foam that don’t emit VOC’s in the productions process and cork. Cork dampens vibration and gives a smother ride, but the cork trees also become CO2 sinks when they’re harvested and that helps scrub the ozone layer. The wood I use in my wood boards comes from reclaimed NYC water tanks. It’s amazing wood with a lot of character and comes from old growth 1500 year old redwood trees that just don’t exist anymore because they’ve all been logged. I also recycle all of my foam scraps. It’s really just what I have to do personally to feel good about making things. 

What type of conditions is this board destined for? 
It’s a nice wide egg. Probably one of my most traditional shapes. They make really nice turns and hold in on steeper waves. It’s a really versatile board for most conditions on the east coast. I’d ride it with a 7” flex fin.

Rockaway Taco or Caracas? 
Rockaway taco, but I love arepas.

Shortboard or Longboard or (fill in the blank)? 
I mostly ride shortboards or finless unless it’s small, then I either ride a finless board or a longboard. I love the ease of longboards now that I’m getting a little older. If the waves are dumping on shore, or the barrels are too small for me to fit in I grab a hand plane and body surf. Bodysurfing might be more fun than standup surfing, but nobody would believe you unless they tried it in good waves. You get barreled non stop. Sunrise or sunset session? Sunrise. Wind is usually better. Plus it’s nice to feel like you’ve already had a full day before everyone else even drinks their morning coffee.

Disruption Screening in Rockaway

The People's Climate March is coming up on September 21! This is a time to rally together for our environment, learn and change. The coastal community of Rockaway was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and now is exposed to dangerous fracking projects.  Join us for a screening of Disruption at Rockaway Beach Surf Club, a central location in a community that will be directly affected by climate change and rising sea levels. 7-9pm Sunday, September 14.