Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Minneapolis Loves Burritos

To be honest, it was our first time in Minneapolis and we didn't expect much, but the city completely blew our minds! Interspersed with lakes and dense green parks, the city is calm and clean and nature is easy to access. The crowd at Chipotle's Cultivate Fest was young, hip and healthy. We appreciate Chipotle's greening efforts - new water refill station, no disposable water bottles on site, and the volunteers posted at each trash/recycling/compost station around the park.

What were we doing there? Loomstate makes Chipotle's uniforms and also an organic cotton collection for their customer. The "I Love Burritos" Tee was the best seller...obviously. And, no, the "Lip Guac" is not made of avocado...yet.

If you missed Minneapolis (though we definitely recommend you visit), Dallas is the next stop for Cultivate Fest!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mapping Tech Meets Textile Industry

Andrew Hill is a Brooklyn resident, Rockaway surfer, clean water advocate, and Senior Scientist at Cartodb.  Thanks to Andrew and his coworkers at this startup tech company (yep their office is in a rustic SoHo space, updated with clean new technology, standing desks and the aquatic lull of a fresh water fish tank) we have an easy-read map of our supply chain to share with you. Full transparency is what we seek and this new mapping service has made it possible to share in a friendly way!

We know the community involved in each step of the supply chain of our Carolina Cotton collection, from the farmer to the ginner to the sewer.  We even know the cows that ate the seed from our cotton crop. Click through the map and learn before you buy >>>

Andrew is in the Carolina Cotton Warm White Tee. Order all four soft colors and US shipping is on us!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cultivate Fest Minneapolis

Come down to Loring Park, Minneapolis for Chipotle's Cultivate festival. Tune into bands like Grouplove and Portugal. The Man while learning from top chefs like Andrew Zimmern and Amanda Freitag.

Then came hang out with us, Loomstate, at the merch tent. New to the store lineup are collapsible water bottles that you can fill at the hydration station.

Here are some tunes to get you ready...

Find more information here. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DIY Crop Tee

Laura showed us a super simple way to personalize a Carolina Cotton tee to give it a feminine twist. A ruler, a good pair of scissors and you're ready to boll.

Show us your DIY tee ideas, tag #loomstateorganic

Natural Style

Laura is one of the designers at Loomstate, who pulls her inspiration from pineapples and other sweet summertime essentials.  She keeps things real cool, even mid-summer.

Here are three effortlessly cool ways to rock the most sustainable tees in the world (yep, check out our latest collection). 

Laura's guide to sweet spots in NYC...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Carolina Cotton Collection

With the help of TS Designs we were able to create a fully transparent supply chain to grow and sew this collection. We got to know every person along the way, from the farmer, to the cotton ginner, to the spinner... and then we took it one step further.

Did you know cows eat cotton seed? It turns out 60% of the weight of a cotton boll (the white tuft) is seed. We followed the fiber each step of the way until we reached the finished tee. But, we wanted to know where the rest of the cotton boll went, so we followed the seed. Turns out the seed from our cotton went right down the road to an organic dairy farm where it was fed to some healthy cows. Little did you know, you've got more cottonseed in you than on you.

We worked with Cartodb to generate an easy-view map to provide you with complete transparency. And if you have any further questions shoot us an e-mail at customercare@loomstate.org