Surf in the City

At first glance the swell in this photo seems average, the surfer decent and his moves eh. But with a second glance, you notice the lack of undulation of the waves, the bank of the river on the other side and the handful of like-minded surfers waiting patiently along the water's edge for their turn. At this point, the previously average surfer transforms into a ballsy, even heroic spirit that is willing to risk serious injury for the love of the sport.

A swift moving river glides smoothly through the main park in Munich, but as it passes under a bridge it is forced upward by an underwater obstruction, forming the perfect wave in a very peculiar location. This limited, but continual surf, is a main attraction for surfers from all over the country. Though many surfboards (and bones) have been broken in this surf, it seems to be a natural rush of adrenhaline too good and too oddly placed to pass up. Where else can you catch surf in the midst of a bustling city?

--- Annie

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