Fashion Revolution Day 4.24.14

fashion revolution day rana plaza

Loomstate is proud to be a part of the first Fashion Revolution Day this coming April 24th!

What is Fashion Revolution Day?
This event is honoring the 1133 factory workers that lost their lives and the 2500 injured during the Bangladesh Rana Plaza factory collapse. This event is a way for consumers to say 'enough is enough' and demand transparency from the companies they are purchasing from.  Full transparency of the fashion supply chain can help prevent disasters like this from occurring in our industry. It is a day in which designers, icons, factory workers, farmers, customers, and others alike spread awareness, remember the victims of 4.24.14, and display how we as an industry need to work together on building and sharing awareness.

The theme of this event is unique in that it is posed as a question: Who MadeYour Clothes? It seems like a simple question, but unfortunately it's not such an easy thing to answer for a lot of the clothing we purchase today.

How to Get Involved
Fashion Revolution Day is asking you to participate this April by turning your clothing inside out, displaying where your clothing was made, photographing it and sharing it with the world via the hashtag #insideout. All who want to see full transparency within the fashion industry can show their support and start the discussion about how we can improve on this issue. There are even shopping spree prizes (provided by ethical and sustainable companies) for those participants who get the most "likes" on their #insideout posts. Details here.

Why We're Involved
As we hope you already know, Loomstate seeks 100% transparency! We want you to know everything, from the farmers that grew the cotton, the team that sewed your shirt, to the staff that shipped your clothing to your front door. We want our customers to feel fully confident when they purchase an item from us, knowing that their garment did not have a negative impact on any person or ecosystem. Every consumer deserves this sense of comfort. Please join us this April 24th by showing us your #insideout photo and we will be sharing ours too!


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