NYC Urchin's guide to Esterillos, Costa Rica

Our favorite New York surf blog NYC Urchin shares a salty spot in Costa Rica where the sun is hot and the waves are clean. Where thinking Esterillos is an ideal spot to escape to...
Here is a quick guide to Esterillos, Costa Rica for those that want to escape the New York freeze, veg out, surf, and have little to spend. Esterillos, about 20 minutes south of Jaco on the West Coast, is split up into three sections…Oeste, Centro and Este. It’s a quieter area, away from the bustle of Jaco, with a few good surf spots.
What to pack (girls): Depends on the airline fees for bringing boards, but if the fee isn’t bad bring boards and pack your clothes in with the boards. On my list: Minimal clothing, Calavera body rash guard, Mi Ola Cheeky Bottoms, retro backpack from Patagonia Bowery, Loomstate Vneck, Samudra bag, East Surf Co wax, NYC Urchin shark tooth necklace, lotion, Spanish dictionary and In the Heart of the Sea. Bring an old go-phone to plug a SIM card into. Pick up Colones from an ATM, but USD are pretty much accepted everywhere if you run out.
Where to stay: For more people, little restaurants, surf shops and a nice beginner reef break stay in Oeste. Though a quiet little neighborhood (at least in the off season), there seems to always be people buzzing around, toothless man selling coconuts, mellow dogs of all breeds standing in front of your car, expats sipping Imperials at the bar and bathing in the delight of their new residence. Centro, 5 minutes down the road, is more residential and quieter, but the beach break there is bigger than Oeste…more of a local surf spot that gets busy on the weekends. Either way, rent a car so you can explore all breaks and get into Jaco if you want to people watch other Americans and find a drugstore for the new ailment you’ll likely pick up. We stayed here in Centro, walking distance from the break, the salamanders and ants included.

What else? Stay hydrated and drink lots of Imperials. Surf until your arms almost fall off (before you realize it you will be back in NY with no waves). Volunteer helping release baby sea turtles into the ocean – it’s the season! Explore nearby towns without doing the super touristy zipline tour. Never leave anything in your car.

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