Iaam / Young Change Makers

We love this article by Iaam, a website by teens for teens, encouraging readers to shop their favorite eco friendly fashion brands. We wholeheartedly believe in informing and energizing the younger generation on environmental issues we face today and will face in the future. After all, they are the future change makers.

"Designer Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn launched Loomstate in New York City in 2004. The casual clothing brand is dedicated to increasing the demand for organic cotton and using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production. Loomstate’s clothing is inspired by the classic American casual style and is rendered in high quality 100% certified organic cotton. The company directly manages all stages of manufacturing and holds their factories to the highest environmental and labor standards.

Loomstate is also fully committed to organic farming in order to preserve the sensitive ecosystem that we live in. Loomstate has convenient pieces in their current collection including reversible dresses and skirts for women and recycled t-shirts for men. Check out their awesome products on loomstate.org!

These companies are bringing together the importance of being eco-friendly with their passion for fashion! It is important that as young adults we learn what we can do to protect our environment, so we should take advice from these companies and begin to incorporate eco-friendly fashion into our daily wardrobes." Read full Iaam article.

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