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Jillian Demling (Entertainment Editor at Vogue) and Karen Mulligan (studio manager for Annie Leibovitz) started Pret-a-Surf when they found a lack of fashionable yet functional surf gear for the modern woman. Now sophisticated women everywhere can surf without feeling foolish in suits and rash guards designed for teenage girls, and SRF CTY gained a very stylish collaborator.

Christina Ricci in Pre-a-Surf shades. Image from Pret-a-Surf.

Rogan: Finally fashion and surfing, why did it take so long to happen? 
Jillian & Karen: We think the fashion industry has been waterlogged.

R: Why is surfing so sexy? 
J&K: Have you seen Laird Hamilton?

Laird Hamilton. Image from

R: Can you date more than one surfer at a time?
J&K: Yes, just make sure they are on different coasts.

R: Would you like to see shoe racks and board racks in one system?
J&K: Yes, and we would like it to be Pret-a-Surf.  We have our team working on it now.

Emma Stone in Pret-a-Surf shades. Image from Pret-a-Surf.

R: Do you think 'sex-wax' is to surfing as 'organic' is to green fashion?
J&K: Our sex-wax is green and we have developed wax that is just not for your board anymore. 

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