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Inspired by the water and oceanic life, Maria Moyer creates, by hand, delicate porcelain sculptures with surprisingly lifelike personalities. Yes, really - personalities. The pieces all have something about them that's very animated, from the unusual shapes to the colors and patterns, and should be experienced in person. Her installations will be on view at the Rogan store at 330 Bowery NYC from now through October. And of course, she surfs! 

Tell us your thoughts on NYC surf culture!
Like everything else in NYC, the surf culture is pretty deliberate here. Most people have to work a little harder toget to surf here than where I grew up in Southern California.

Who's your surf hero?
Gerry Lopez. He's the Magic Johnson of surf (can you tell I'm from LA?). He's been my hero since I was a little girl and I am lucky to have spent time with him. He's an inspiration now as a snowboarder - a sport I am much better at than surfing.

Just one part of the Maria Moyer installation at the ROGAN store!

What's your funniest or most embarrassing surf moment?
Every time I get in the water, I'm humbled.

Any style rules for the beach?
No perfume on the beach, ladies. It's like having someone blaring a boom box when you're there to listen to the waves.

What are your surf essentials?
Good company. I'm not a very serious surfer - though I am a life-long surf enthusiast. I love being in the water with my friends.

Favorite post-surf, chill out spot in NY?
After a day in the water, whether I surfed or not, the best spot for me would involve pico de gallo and guacamole.

What are you most excited about for SRF CTY?
The confluence of cultures. It'll be fun to see it and to be a part of it - thanks for having me!

We're glad to have her! The pictures don't do her breathtaking sculptures and poreclains justice, so come see them in person.

Check out her website here & other exclusive interviews with SRF+CTY collaborators!

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