Among her many titles throughout an enviable career - former fashion director for one of the largest international retailers, stylist, industry expert, influencer, and now avid surfer, Julie Gilhart is most admirably a champion for a more conscious, less wasteful apparel industry. It's only fitting that one of her current projects involves recycling t-shirts into something covetable. 

For SRF+CTY, Julie has partnered with Bantu and Tin from Drug Money Art to create one-of-a-kind scarves pieced together from D/M tee remnants and 1985 vintage Live Aid tees. The result is an oversized super soft patchwork scarf meant to drape and gather, and is 100% awesome.

Julie says about the project: "[the Live Aid tees] pay respect and give thought to Yodit Eklund from Bantu whose country, Ethiopia, as you know is experiencing a devastating famine. I feel clothes can hold or at least represent the energy and intentions of those that craft them and we all like to wear talismans of things we care about."

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the scarf, available starting on FNO at the ROGAN store, will go to a non-profit helping people in East Africa affected by the famine. 

Julie & Scott at last year's FNO

As a SRF+CTY collaborator, Julie talks to us about surf and style.

Scott: Why do fashion and surfing make such a credible pairing?
Julie: Surfing is all about style or lack off and so is fashion.

S: Why is surf style so casual?
J: The less clothes the better.

S: Once you have ridden one wave haven't you ridden them all?
J: Hah!  Once you ride one, you have to have more and that leads to SA - Surfers Anonymous!

S: What is your pre-surf routine?
J: I listen to music. I try to remember to ask the Mother Ocean to be kind to me.

S: Montauk vs. Rockaway? Why are they different?
J: Rockaway has better food and more tattoos. Girls have sexy original style vs. intentional fashion style. Montauk is better for rock finding.

S: We hear Montauk is getting crowded, why do people drive past so many beautiful beaches to go there?
J: Because they have tunnel vision.

S: Dawn patrols or Evening glass offs?
J: Both. I believe in the Art of the Nap.

S: Do you secretly want a Lanvin surfboard? Why or why not?
J: OMG, my secret dream. I would want one because I love him almost as much as I love surfing. I like to have an intimate relationship with my boards.

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