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Hailing from Hawaii, Tori Praver, model, owner and designer behind Tori Praver swimwear, grew up surfing, and knows all about swimwear that can stay put for surfing, swimming, or just laying out on the beach. Just what SRF+CTY needed!

R: What do you think about surf culture in NYC? What's so different or great about it? 
T: People that surf in NYC are so stoked about it because it's not something that they can do everyday, so it makes it that more special.... It's almost like a "treat" and when you get to paddle out you really appreciate it... Growing up in Hawaii, everyone surfed. I lived the surf-culture as a child and moving to NYC was strange to me, it didn't really exist. There were no surf shops and not too many surfers. I love that the culture has grown in NYC and more people have realized how amazing the surfing is!!

R: What's your favorite surf spot in NY and why? 
T: My favorite spot is in Wainscot. I don't even know if the break has a name, but there are perfect little lefts (my fav because I'm goofy-foot) and hardly anyone ever out.

R: Favorite post-surf chill out spot in NY? 
T: Joanie’s or the backyard behind the health food store in Montauk.

R: Who's your surf hero? 
T: Rell Sunn. She was an amazing surfer and such a strong and powerful woman to be inspired by.

R: What's your funniest or most embarrassing surf moment? 
T: All of my bikini malfunctions! I once caught a wave and stood up not knowing my boob had popped out!

R: Any rules for surf style? 
T: Surf how you want to surf doing what makes you feel comfortable!! It does look really funny though, when a person has a super wide stance...

R: What are your surf essentials? 
T: A good bikini that stays on, my calf leash, and powerful sunscreen!!

R: What are you most excited about for SRF+CTY? 
T: Good vibes and hanging with all the surf stoked people in NYC!

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