An Epic Journey from Tree to Tabletop

Everything we own comes from somewhere, but it's not often that we can figure out the product's origin. With the newly launched Loomstate Home Collection, the journey of each bowl, cutting board, and serving piece can be traced back to their beginnings!

Pennsylvania Farm Reclaim Project!

All Loomstate Home pieces are made from salvaged lumber gathered throughout the northern US. It ranges in age from 70 to 150 years old, and in species, including walnut, ash, white oak, red oak, catalpa, black cherry, soft and hard maple! All wood is from trees and logs gathered from cityscapes, lot clearings, construction projects and renovated structures. 

Reclaimed wood from the roadside in Pennsylvania.

Residential wood reclaim.

Instead of being chipped, discarded or destroyed, the wood is sent to skilled woodworkers in northern Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Brooklyn to create one-of-a-kind tabletop pieces. The natural knots, intersections, cracks, streakings and swirls are part of the objects' unique identity and, we think, give them immense character. The trees' natural state is especially apparent on the sides of the cutting boards (pictures below) that feature the two raw edges of the tree trunk.

From raw slabs of wood...

... to beautifully hand-crafted cutting boards, each carefully formed by hand!

Measuring out the wood from which the spoons are hand carved.

Loomstate co-founder Scott branding the wooden bowls. 

The finished products!

Not only do they make great holiday gifts, they're a beautiful way to give back. Loomstate has partnered with Food Bank for NYC to donate $10 from every bowl purchase on to support their mission against hunger. Each dollar donated translates into 4-5 meals to feed the one in five New Yorker that rely on the Food Bank. That's 40-50 meals! For more info on Food Bank and other ways to give back, check out or text FBNYC to 50555 to donate $10.

Available at Barneys online, select stores, and at!

--- Viv

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