Get Off Manhattan

Though activities in the city are endlessly entertaining, getting off the island for even just an afternoon is always refreshing. Zipcar and other rental companies have simplified the process of travel for urbanites without their own set of wheels, but more recently green travel website,, has made venturing even easier...greener...and more affordable! This unique web site, started by two adventure enthusiasts, suggests activities, restaurants, festivals, hikes, and notable towns, all within a few hours of the city, along with a guide to reach each via public transportation.

This travel database is especially useful for weekend getaways, when the boiling heat or winter chill of the city is too much to handle. During the summer learn about the best places to surf on Long Island, the local food movement in Philadelphia, and even a jazz festival in Provincetown, MA. During the colder months, discover the best spots for apple and pumpkin picking, places to stay in Boston, MA and how to access the nearby ski mountains. Check out the website for current Thanksgiving weekend recommendations and free giveaways!

--- Annie

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