Robert Kenner, director of Food Inc., makes history in Loomstate!

Robert Kenner, third from left, pictured here with Elise Pearlstein (second from left), Marguerite Kenner (third from right), and Eric Schlosser (second from right).

Robert Kenner, the director of Food Inc. and Academy Award nominee, made history yesterday in a custom made Loomstate tuxedo at the 2010 Oscars! The tuxedo, custom designed using 100% organic fabric, was the first American crafted organic tux ever made for the Oscars. We are so excited to have dressed Robert Kenner for this great occasion. Congratulations to everyone who made Food Inc. possible!


If you haven't seen this critically acclaimed documentary, take an hour and a half this week to see it and join the discussion. Watch the trailer here.

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LASS Wardrobe LLC said...

Very cool and it is about time someone made history at the Oscar event for something so Green