Mapping Tech Meets Textile Industry

Andrew Hill is a Brooklyn resident, Rockaway surfer, clean water advocate, and Senior Scientist at Cartodb.  Thanks to Andrew and his coworkers at this startup tech company (yep their office is in a rustic SoHo space, updated with clean new technology, standing desks and the aquatic lull of a fresh water fish tank) we have an easy-read map of our supply chain to share with you. Full transparency is what we seek and this new mapping service has made it possible to share in a friendly way!

We know the community involved in each step of the supply chain of our Carolina Cotton collection, from the farmer to the ginner to the sewer.  We even know the cows that ate the seed from our cotton crop. Click through the map and learn before you buy >>>

Andrew is in the Carolina Cotton Warm White Tee. Order all four soft colors and US shipping is on us!

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