Date Loomstate's Sustainability Director

 Rhett Godfrey, Our Sustainability Director

If you were enticed by some of the outdoor Vday events we posted, but don't have a partner to go with we may have a solution for you. Rhett is Loomstate's #1 Bachelor this Valentine's Day who was recently interviewed by Ecocult about his ideal woman and some of his dating preferences.  Who could be better to join you on an outdoor adventure this February than our own Rhett Godfrey?! 

What’s your ideal first date? 
I like Central Park. A picnic. That sounds a bit Victorian though. Honestly it’s best for a second or third date. For a first date I like to get to know a person in more controlled setting. A dinner is a good start. Sitting. Shared space. Shared social norms. Plus you can get to know a lot about someone by how they eat.

What’s your biggest deal breaker?
I don’t know. Being an anti-Semite? I find obsequiousness and low self-esteem to be turn offs. I tend to find women who are fit more attractive than ones who are not. I love to dance. It’s because I like being in a body. I find it a turn on when women also find embodied, creative expression fun.

What’s your most endearing quirk?
I like to know how to do things from scratch. Like really from scratch. I compost to grow plants, make apple cider vinegar to pickle, spin and dye wool to make hats.

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