Great Mom of the Plant Kingdom

When you think about great moms, this one we bet sits at the top of your list (that is, if you've heard of it). The Cecropia tree is a standout mom, not just because she carefully plants her seeds in ideal living situations and provides each with the right nutrients for growth. This plant goes beyond her own family to care for other species as well...

Myrmecophytism is a mutualistic relationship formed with ant colonies, where the tree provides food and shelter and the ants protect the tree from herbivores and encroaching vines. These two species have coadapted to each other, meaning that each species has evolved their traits in response to pressures from the other. 

This relationship further proves the importance of caring for the one that cares for you, especially today! Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms! Moms, this is for you - use MOTHEREARTH at checkout today for 25% off your Loomstate purchase.

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