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Euro News recently paid us a visit in New York, interviewing founders Rogan and Scott about Loomstate's mission and sustainable design choices. Watch the video to learn about other emerging brands that is growing in our fashion world!  Our shop at 330 Bowery even makes an appearance...

New York City: Fashion Week has only just ended, but in the city that never sleeps, nor does the clothing industry. It is estimated to generate more than 300 billion dollars turnover each year. The industry’s carbon footprint is no less impressive.

So, a growing number of designers is trying to find alternatives by making fashionable rhyme with sustainable. One of these new brands is Loomstate: the cotton used is 100 percent organic. Other, new materials are also used such as Tencel, which is made of wood pulp. Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn founded the brand in 2004.

“In my view, there’s no compromise when you talk about design, so I don’t believe in using sub-par fibers, I use the best fibers. From a fashion perspective, we don’t really make any compromises on the design. I would even argue that organic knit is softer and better quality than a conventional,” says Rogan Gregory.
Eco-chic is going mainstream. But how can buyers be sure that environmental consciousness is not just a marketing gimmick? Among designers and retailers, integrating strong standards has become essential. One of the most high-profile examples is the Higg Index, launched by a coalition of 80 brands – a tool for measuring apparel and footwear sustainably across the garment supply chain.

“The movement now is becoming more technical, more scientific. We can prove what the impacts are. So it’s moving away from the romantic idea, saying altruistically that we need to do good. It’s not a “do good” thing, it’s a smart thing,” says Loomstate CEO Scott Mackinlay Hahn. Being both smart and trendy? As the fashion industry makes it increasingly easy to combine the two, it looks like sustainable fashion is a lifestyle trend that’s here to stay.

(Read the full article on Euro News)

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