Press: Loomstate 321 in STL Today

Fashion Editor Debbie D. Bass on Loomstate 321:

One of the best examples of intricately reversible garments comes from Loomstate 321, based in New York. The fall collection includes a long sleeved color-blocked maxi dress ($348) that can be worn frontways, backward, as well as inside-out in both directions. The loose fit of the casual wear garment contributes to its success.

Worn alone or under jackets, vests and cardigans, the minimalist garments can reach maximum wardrobe potential.

As a bonus, the company is committed to promoting sustainable fashion choices. So the garments aren’t just convertible, they are constructed with eco-friendly fabrics. The clothing items are designed to be versatile because they are intended to diminish consumption. Why buy four new dresses when one will do the trick? Loomstate also has convertible T-shirts, cardigans, skirts and sheath dresses, but the maxi is among my favorites.

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