321 Challenge: Akan Dress Day 8 of 8

Today's the last day of my Akan Dress 321 Challenge! The word "challenge" is misleading because it was much more fun and easy than challenging. Truthfully, I will miss getting away with wearing the same thing everyday and coming up with new looks given this one-dress requirement. Restrictions do make us more creative sometimes! 

What I loved about the Akan Dress is that it never got in the way throughout the span of 8 days. Whether I was biking, going to store openings with friends, getting brunch with the bf or learning to skateboard (sort of), it was easy to make it fit for the occasion. And of course, I couldn't rave enough to friends about how spilling coffee on it is no big deal because I can just reverse the dress and get on with my day.

Stay tuned for more Loomstate ladies try different 321 styles!

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