321 Challenge: Akan Dress Day 4, 5 & 6 of 8

And the 8-day Akan Dress journey continues...

Day 4 of 8: Same Akan Dress flipped to Khaki and White with a sweater thrown over top for a visit to the windy riverside food market.

Day 5 of 8: Frolicking on Sunday Funday. Active wearers need not be cautious in 321 - run and jump all you want!

Full disclosure - She spilled coffee on the White part of the dress at brunch with no stain remover pen in sight. She flipped it inside out and wore it on the Blue & Black side until she got home Sunday evening and got those spots out. No sweat.

Day 6 of 8: Back to work. Who said it had to be worn only as a dress?

Check back for more Loomstate ladies work 321 into their everyday wardrobe and style. Rocking 321? Show us how and where you wear it on Twitter or FB!

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