Plastic Is Forever Is Here!!

After months of hard work and anticipation, Barbara de Vries's Plastic Is Forever tees have shipped to Barneys and are hitting the sales floor this week! Barbara has created an insightful and informative blog just for the 750 tees she and a group of local artisans created from beach plastic and Loomstate tees.  

Read about the story from Barbara finding a plastic-covered beach to packing up the tees, and her findings throughout her experience with beach plastic. If you get a tee, you can find it in the database, categorized by color, then number.

Images of each tee are accompanied by descriptions, and, for some, quite interesting stories. To own a Plastic Is Forever tee, as Barbara says, is to reinvent the beach plastic's destiny. Not to mention that part of the proceeds will go towards the Bahamian Island of Eleuthera through several education programs.

Each one is different, so go to Barneys Co-Op and take a look. You'll be surprised by how many different variations there are!

Images taken from 750 Tees.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone at Loomstate for making it possible, your tees are the best canvas for this work and you have been amazing to work with... its been, and still is a pleasure, and together we can and will make a difference! Love Barbara