House for Sale!

Yes, this photo is for real. Fit for a Bond villain, this house is located somewhere in the middle of the desert between Las Vegas and Los Angeles on a 60 acre piece of property and on top of a volcano! It is the same as any other suburban house, complete with carport, central heat and AC, guest house, laundry room, and extraterrestrial architecture. Though the volcano is dormant, the prospect of living atop something once powerful enough to incinerate you is, to say the least, a little unnerving. And, not to mention, the nearly million dollar price tag could be a little high for a life-long rush of adrenalin. The 360 degree view and complete and utter solitude, however, would be worth it. And the look on the face of that lucky someone you bring back from the bar when they wake up in the morning - also worth it. 

Any takers?

--- Annie

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