Zero Waste!

Image from the NYT.

Loomstate co-founder Scott Mackinlay-Hahn, and designer Timo Rissanen, will be teaching the new zero-waste course at Parsons this fall, a first of its kind in the industry. Timo, previously owner of the label Usvsu, is one of the pioneers behind zero-waste and will be teaching students to use denim to create a piece that is as close to zero waste as possible, but that will still sell well. It'll require figuring out ways to make patterns more efficiently, and innovative thinking to get around traditional cutting techniques. One way to prove that zero-waste design could be great, marketable fashion? A winning design will be chosen, the student behind it will intern with our production team to get it made in our factory in California or New York, and it'll be sold at Barneys NY! Read the full NYT Sunday Styles article here.

Image from Terracycle.

Speaking of zero waste, our friend Tom Szaky at Terracycle has been working to turn what would typically be garbage into functional items, from pencils made of old newspapers to juice pouches upcycled into a garden fence. A fence! No wonder Tom and Terracycle are getting some major media shout-outs.

Images from Nylon.

And talking about denim and upcycling - Loomstate's other co-founder Rogan Gregory created a fun DIY project for Nylon's current denim issue, turning your old abandoned jeans into a bag dress. That is, a bag that can also be a dress. Get started here!

We'll leave you with an animated video called "The Story of Stuff" that illustrates in simple terms the creation of all this stuff we have. We all still have a long way to go with minimizing waste production, but here's to a great start with zero-waste!

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