Window Farms

Another way to get fresh produce in your home! We love farmer's markets and local urban farms, but wouldn't it be great to be able to make a salad from plants growing in your own apartment, even if it's the size of a closet? All you need is a 4' x 6' window and a kit from Window Farms to start growing vegetables and herbs. Vertically placed and hydroponic, these mini farms are made of grocery store bought water bottles that are usually dumped in the recycling bins, small space-friendly, and high yield. The most recently improved version could grow up to 32 plants with 1 air pump!

The newest version of the Window Farm setup.

The Window Farms Project is actually a non-profit that aims to empower urbanites to grow their own food and to create a platform for discussions to lead to more sustainable city-living. Electricity would be need for the air pump and bulbs, and we wonder how much energy this would use since they'll have to be plugged in at all times. It looks like it's worth a try though, so take a look at the different kits they offer or read more about this venture. If you start now, you can be having fresh salads every week in the fall!

All images taken from Window Farms.

--- Viv

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