One Acre

Rose Nbange, a farmer and now a OAF Field Officer.

One Acre Fund is a new organization aimed at helping the poorest East African farmers and their families grow their way out of hunger with an immense focus on accountability and results. Only four years since its official launch, initially serving 38 farm families, OAF now serves 22,000 in East Africa, and 98% of the 12,000 families served in 2009 were repaying program fees. The organization works through women's self-help groups, like the Chilila Women's Self-Help Group pictured below, in rural villages to reach the most severely hunger-affected.

Chilila Women's Self Help Group reaped a record harvest in their first year. 
They were the first to plant chili's, exported to Germany.

Ernest, a farmer in his mushroom hut, which could help provide the income to send his child to college. 

OAF was launched in 2006 after founder Andrew Youn visited Kenya and found that modern agricultural techniques could significantly boost productivity and decrease malnutrition, but that poor farmers had no access to the right tools, seeds, and education to get the most out of their fields. Even more inspiring are the individual participants' stories. 

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