A Hot Minute with Johnnie Sapong

Johnnie Sapong at the Loomstate office 
giving our PR Director, Berrin, a quick trim!

Johnnie Sapong, a friend of Loomstate,  hairstylists to the stars,  British Rastafarian,  environmentalist, and "football" fan, talks to us about his new projects, inspirations, and who he's rooting for in the World Cup.

1) Tell us about your new venture
I've just opened a new creative hub in central London called 
"The Studio". It's a dedicated styling space where clients can come by for a focused one on one service with me for the first time. There's just one bowl, one set of tools and me so we can work together to prescribe the exact treatment just for your hair, whether that's cut, colour, volume, condition, whatever it is. In the same way that each individual's skin needs a different approach and maintenance to make it look it's best, so does your hair and I want to educate my clients how to look after their particular hair so that it continues to look healthy and great between appointments. We're based in an art gallery so it's a really unique space and, I think, really inspiring. By giving people one on one time, there's a real sense of honesty between us - they can tell me exactly what they like, dislike, want or don't want for their look and I can be very honest with them about what's achievable - after that we can enjoy getting to work, have some fun and relax.

Johnnie Sapong at The Studio

2) What are your inspirations at the moment?
70s Playboy - the covers weren't all about being naked, I always thought those girls look wholesome with a great head of hair - they're wonderful.

3) Berrin mentioned that you use a special ingredient on womens' hair. What's your secret?
A few of the Beauty Editors have nicknamed me "magic hands" or "magic fingers" - maybe it was that?

Johnnie Sapong at The Studio

4) What environmental causes are you focusing on now?
We've been crazy recyclers at home for years. It began with cardboard and plastic and with the kids we've just gone on to do more and more. At school, they have class of the week for the most recycling so it's effected them which is great. My quiet sneaky fix right now is learning about green roofs.

5) Last, but not least... We hear you're a football fan. What are your plans for the World Cup and who are you rooting for?
My loyalties are split between England and Ghana - my ideal dream would be to have them both in the final and would involve me drinking Guiness whenever the opportunity arose!

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