A Recipe for the Weekend Street Fair!

It's finally warm enough to kick off Street Fair season! Among many others, the Hester Street Fair will be opening this weekend in the Lower East Side (see map above). With food options from An Choi, Luke's Lobster, Mile End, and Malbon Brothers, and a variety of vintage clothing and bikes, this small market may just give Brooklyn Flea a run for its money.

Here's what you'll need for a great day at the Fair:

A Street Fair / Flea Market of course. Just google it in your local area - there are sure to be a lot cropping up now that it's Springtime. The image is of the Hester Street Market from the 1900's!

It might be hot out and there may be a lot of strolling, so be prepared with your own bottle of water or any hydrating beverage of choice. This one's from SIGG, but any reusable bottle will do.

A fun, large reusable tote to carry potential new purchases. This bag from Areaware is canvas and printed with soy inks.

A soft, organic cotton tee you can bike, run, walk, and eat a lot in...
...and a BIG appetite. The participating food vendors listed above are only a few among many, including La NewYorkina, a gourmet pop-ice stand debuting at the Hester Street Fair this weekend. Don't say we didn't warn you!


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