Recipe for a Great Potluck!

Potlucks seem to be a popular topic these days. We got word of PBS' Food, Inc. screening and potluck party for gifts, then Not Eating Out in New York brings us a Q&A with Bikeloc, two cyclists holding potlucks around the nation. What better way to bring together friends and friends of friends of friends than with a potluck? The Food, Inc. screening starts on April 21st and will screen for that week, and Bikeloc is kicking off with a fundraiser in Brooklyn on the 11th.

Here's what you'll need to host a great potluck:

 Your local farmer's market - to gather the freshest ingredients for your signature overcomplicated dish.
A comfortable, black tee - to get messy in the kitchen with and look good while doing it.

Food storage containers - to bring the food to the potluck and to store the leftovers.

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