Curry + Strawberries + Organic Cotton = Perfect Eco Summer Dress!

We're not sure how curry would taste with strawberries, but we sure like them on our Summer-ready Rivera Dress. Audrey Louise Reynolds, designer and fabric dye pro, hand-dyed only a handful of them exclusively for Loomstate, and a few are now available on our site!

A Surf Lodge staff sporting the dress at the NY Fashion Week Pop-Up.

To achieve the vibrant pinks, and oranges, Audrey used organic curry mixed with fresh, juicy organic strawberries. She finished it off with her secret batik tie-dye technique (involving a natural candle, nothing scary) that added a subtle purple hued pattern, making each dress truly unique. Visit Audrey's page here.

If you're in the mood for some quick DIY, Audrey shows us how to make strawberry dye in this video from Daily Candy.

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