Milk the way it used to be . .

Our first milk farmer crush was Justin Vyn, who seductively explained the beneficial relationship between organic cotton and organic milk.

Enter Snowville Creamery's pasture based cow herd and our new dairy heros, respectfully embodying our values at Loomstate - celebrating sustainable agriculture for its generational wisdom, environmental and human health benefits. Take a look at Snowville's sustainable methods toward what many are claiming the best milk they have ever tasted.

Why are we excited about a milk producer that is not certified organic? The team at Snowville are using methods that were developed long before the USDA designed its 'certified organic' logo. Organic certification and regulation is a critical component of the sustainable agriculture movement, but when it comes to dairy these guys have thoughtful and practical reasons for not embracing the certification. At Snowville, the goal is to get the freshest and purest milk to the customer without depleting the nutritional value or taste through conventional high heat pasteurizing. The shelf life of the milk is shorter than commodity dairy, but Snowville manages supply carefully and directs a buy back program to help their grocery partners.

Go! Go! Sun, Soil, Seed, Water, Go!

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