Old Tees For New Loomstate

The recycling bins were overflowing at Barneys last night, as the Sundance Channel show "The Green" and Loomstate for Barneys Green joined forces to celebrate Earth Day. The recycling bins getting the most action were the ones front and center on the Co-Op floor. Attendees who tossed in their old college bowling team and charity 10K tees could not only bask in the pleasure of acting eco-responsibly, but walk away with a 20 percent-off coupon on Loomstate for Barneys Green, to boot. "I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these shirts," confessed Loomstate designer Rogan Gregory, the man responsible for recycling all those tees into wearably cool garments of some kind. "I mean, I took a quick look at the stuff people were tossing into the bins, and some of those tees are pretty great already, but some are not." Kate Nash, for her part, isn't much of a T-shirt girl, but she has her own strategy for dressing sustainably. After performing a few of her winsome pop tunes, Nash shucked off one vintage frock in favor of another that she'd picked up recently in Texas. "Shop at thrift stores," advised Nash, who also noted that she's a regular composter back home in England. "That's pretty green, no?" article from Style.com

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