A Total Look Inside

The Canvas Tote is straightforwardly our favorite. It has the easy, weekend tote bag look, with the functionality of a weekday work bag. Six deep pockets will get you super organized. No longer will your headphones get all tangled with your sneakers and power cord. Here's a deep dive into the tote bags of some Loomstaters (where few others have gone before).

100% organic cotton and available in two styles on the site >

Three words to describe the Loomstate tote...
Casual, comfortable, organized.
Where do you primarily use your bag? 
To work! It's the most professional looking of the tote world.
Little pockets are ideal for... 
Reusable coffee cup, umbrella, sunnies...anything I need to access easily.
Big pocket is ideal for...
Laptop and drawing pad.
I never leave home without my ___. 
Organic beanie! It's been a cold NY winter and my beanie has been key.
In Annie's Tote:
     -seashells - always have some in my pockets and bags
     -Field Notes is great for jotting down ideas on a long subway ride
     -sketch pad - for Drink n' Draw classes after work
     -oatmeal in a jar - my favorite breakfast, check out the recipe!
     -Oakley Frogskins
     -Loomstate Organic Cotton Beanie

Three words to describe the Loomstate tote...
Perfect, easy, spacious.
Where do you primarily use your bag?
As a carry on when traveling, also as an overnight bag to and from my boyfriend's apartment.
Little pockets are ideal for...
Keeping the little stuff separate and easy to find - headphones, umbrella, a book, bikinis, sunglasses.
Big pocket is ideal for...
Clothing, makeup bag, notepad, beach towel.
I never leave home without my....
Sunglasses, 2-3 types of lip stuff, my keys!
In Kelly's tote: 
     -cotton scarf - a gift from a good friend
     -Keihl’s in flight refreshing facial mist - essential oils + Tibetan ginseng
     -Best Made notebook - my everyday book for reminders
     -wooden turtle - a token from Nueda Vida de Ramiro in Tulum
     -How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosley - great for a laugh
     -Nars lipstick in Jungle Red - a must have
     -Traditional Medicinals peppermint tea - my daily afternoon tea
     -Patrae zip pouch - made in NYC by my friend from Slovakian textiles
     -Micron pens: essential for sketching
     -fabric swatches for the next big inspiration
     -Oliver Peoples Corie tortoise sunglasses - best sunglasses ever :)

Three words to describe the Loomstate tote...
Durable, roomy, stylish.
Where do you primarily use your bag? 
Everywhere. For work, grocery shopping + to the gym.
Little pockets are ideal for...
Umbrella, water bottle, sneakers after workout.
Big pocket is ideal for...
I never leave home without...
Sunglasses, phone charger.
In Emmanuel's tote:  
     -James Baldwin's The Last Interview
     -God Loves Haiti - a different narrative on the 2010 Haiti earthquake
     -box of pins
     -measuring tape

Where do you primarily use your bag? 
I use this tote to go to the park and when I teach. I like to be over-prepared and carry a lot of supplies with me. 
Little pockets are ideal for...
Plants or sticks or unknown findings.
Big pocket is ideal for...
Binoculars, identification guides, and note books, a sweater, and a bottle of water (usually in this season it's a thermos).
I never leave home without...
My thoughts notebook and a pen.
In Rhett's Tote:
     -a tree identification book
     -fire by friction kit + kindling
     -Take-Sumi writing ink
     -seeds I found in the park

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