Loomstate WAYFINDRs // Ramon + Carina

Ramon, our bearded Director of Services, recently married Carina (on an organic apple orchard upstate...). All would agree, they're a pretty cute couple, and they share an endless sense of adventure, which has lead them to some wild places. They opted out of the typical honeymoon package deal at a beachy resort and instead packed their waterproof bags full of durable clothing, tarps, trail mix and surf gear and headed to the Pacific Northwest for a road trip. Ramon, Carina and dog Phoebe shared some of their favorite spots for those headed in that direction. Expect rain, elk, dense moss, fresh seafood, and mind the local surfers.

Just outside Seattle and not far from the airport is a little town called Ballard (it's the Brooklyn to Manhattan). Upon entry you must sample a fresh array of oysters from Ballard Annex - the Kumamoto, Royal Miyagi, Shigoku, Sea Cow, Blue Pool are recommended (taste the ocean and try them without any toppings).  Slip down a strong Manhattan and officially detach from the right coast. Now starts your vacation...

Port Townsend
A bit north of Ballard you can find a cozy accommodation in Port Townsend through Air BnB or rent an airstream like these two - complete with outdoor fridge, book collection, fire pit and old backgammon set. If weather permits, hop on a whale watching cruise around San Juan Island. Snuggle in at night (it's a little chilly, so pack layers) with a good book, your honey, and drift off into utter peace and quiet.

Hobuck Beach

This is the most northwest tip of the US! Throw on your boots and take the Cape Flattery trail to reach an awe-inspiring lookout spot. While you're there absorb some information about the Native Makah tribe. Go 1/2 a mile further to find a local surf spot called Second Beach - as always, respect the locals. With water in the mid-50s, make sure to pack a 4/3 and booties.

Hoh Rainforest
Camp here in the middle of Olympia National Park, rain or shine. At night you'll hear massive elk shuffling around, but don't worry they shouldn't bother you. Just don't bother them. Bring a tarp and rope for shelter from the rain and a water pump. The Hall of Moss is worth sleeping in the rain for - gnarly trees and giant ferns intertwine under s thick blanket of moss and mushrooms.

The Twilight fanatic in you will be elated to know that you can stay in a cabin full of Twilight memorabilia in Forks, the town that inspired the vampireseries. (Purely out of respect, Ramon and Carina watched nearly the whole series).

Not much going on in this little fishing village, but worth a look. Snoop the funky architecture and eat some clam chowder at a local dive. Try to catch it on a good swell!

Cannon Beach
This is where you will find the meaning of life. Just like in the Goonies, filmed here, you could find treasure too! Take a long walk here and reflect.

Oswald West State Park

Oswald West, Oregon's governor in the 1900s, was a huge advocate for the environment and because of his foresight 400 miles along the coast were set aside for public use. Nearby is Seaside Point, a world class surf spot, and worth a visit just to watch. You'll find a more approachable wave at Smugglers Cove around the bend.

Road Trip Vibes - living out of backpack and on the road, sleeping in cozy nooks and surrounded by awe-inspired vistas and untouched nature, is a reminder of how little you really need to feel alive and happy and connected to nature. With a renewed appreciation for clean and simple living, Ramon and Carina returned to their Brooklyn apartment, feeling more appreciative of their small space in the big city and pondering over whether they could find parking for an airstream in New York.

Happy They Packed - tent, tarp, rope, waterproof bags, rain jackets, Ahnu hiking boots, Loomstate Zip-up Hoodies, a good book, pocket knife, surf gear, Phoebe. En route Ramon picked up a Huevo Ranchero by FCD at Patagonia Seattle - he gives it a thumbs up. Next time they plan to pack even less.

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