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Our friend Brian (and model in our recent upstate photo shoot) spends his moments in between work biking around Brooklyn in search of the best bakery in town or at home drafting kids books inspired by his wild three year old nephew. Read on for sweet spots to visit this fall, key wardrobe items for your outdoorsy/urban existence, and tips for maintaining facial hair as nice as Brian's as you dive face first into Movember.

You live where? 
I live in the beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint.

What's something you love to do before you go to work?
I love biking to and from work. It's about 6 miles and it tends to be one of the first things I do each day, even BEFORE my obligatory coffee. Going over the bridge from BK to Manhattan is breathtaking no matter the weather, and is a great transition from home to the workplace!

Favorite bakeries in New York?
My two favorite bakeries in NY are Mast Brothers for their understated chocolate chip cookie, and Ovenly for their Brooklyn Blackout cake.

Your style is mix of __/comfort/__ and __/function/__ and you dress with __/the weather/__ in mind.
I don't feel that I've got a particular style, but I DO like to be comfortable. Fitted clothes that move or an oversized tee are staples.

Your go-to piece of clothing?
A nice comfy flannel is a go to for me!

Where to this fall? 
This fall I'm heading over to Berlin for a much needed break and likely taking a few camping trips upstate before the permanent NY snow blanket!

lake minnewaska new york
lake minnewaska new york
Beard Guide - The secret to beauty is different for every beard, so you will have to play around with which combination is best for yours. Brian suggests starting with these ingredients...start with Jojoba Oil and add in these essential oils - Rosewood, Cedarwood, Cypress, and Lavender Tea Tree Peppermint in amounts of your choice.
lake minnewaska new york

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