Wandering With....Tara Michie

We're kicking off our Wandering With... series with Tara Michie, an adventurous young woman on the North Shore of Hawai'i, who generates stunning photography behind and in front of the camera (see her surf blog Lady Slider and drift off into a beachy state of mind).  She's a friend of Loomstate because she takes every available moment to travel and experience something new, capturing the subtle and beautiful moments along the way. Whether she's crossing the US in a vibrant green truck, single fin in tow, or searching for a new break with friends, she's always got her camera near.  On a recent visit to New York, Tara ventured upstate with good pal Hannah. They shared some snaps with us from their trip...

Style reflects a lifestyle. What do your clothes say about your style of life? 
Easy and simple with some spontaneity. Stylish without trying too hard.

What did you make sure to pack for a weekend upstate? 
The trip was pretty spontaneous and didn't really have a choice what I packed. But I always make sure I have my camera.

Favorite spot for a warm cup of coffee (or tea) in urban NY? 
Coffee with breakfast: Jack's Wife Frida. On the go: La Colombe. When I wanna hang for a bit: Toby's.

A few words that describe the feeling when you reach a vista after a long hike. 
Accomplishment, relief and hopefully awe [from a breathtaking view or landscape.]

What's a leaf peeper? 
I'm no expert but I think it's a cooler way to say "people going to look at the leaves changing in the fall."

Recommendations for places to visit upstate? 
Phoenicia and Woodstock.

What happened?!
I went on a wild ATV ride at the Oregon sand dunes. Did an unintentional air and front flip over the handle bars. Thank goodness it was just a broken arm!

Where are you off to next?
Staying put in Hawai'i for the winter but planning a trip to Asia for the beginning of next year!

Follow these gals on their next adventure! @ladyslider @hannahkealia

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