Carolina Cotton Collection

With the help of TS Designs we were able to create a fully transparent supply chain to grow and sew this collection. We got to know every person along the way, from the farmer, to the cotton ginner, to the spinner... and then we took it one step further.

Did you know cows eat cotton seed? It turns out 60% of the weight of a cotton boll (the white tuft) is seed. We followed the fiber each step of the way until we reached the finished tee. But, we wanted to know where the rest of the cotton boll went, so we followed the seed. Turns out the seed from our cotton went right down the road to an organic dairy farm where it was fed to some healthy cows. Little did you know, you've got more cottonseed in you than on you.

We worked with Cartodb to generate an easy-view map to provide you with complete transparency. And if you have any further questions shoot us an e-mail at

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