Loomstate's NEW Forest Policy

We are excited to announce that we partnered with Canopy to support a NEW Forest Policy that is going to have a positive impact on ancient and endangered forests. It is also an amazing to be joined by two of the world's largest retailers, H&M and Zara, for this "Fashion Loved by Forests" campaign.
Photo by our Sustainability Director, Rhett Godfrey

Loomstate recognizes that we can be at the forefront of the latest design trends while simultaneously developing solutions for the environment around us. We are committed to exploring and supporting the use and development of fabrics that safeguard the world's ancient and endangered forests.

In order to conserve ancient and endangered forests and ecosystems we will:

  • Never use fabrics made of dissolving pulp from ancient and endangered forest areas of any kind.
  • Never source fabric from companies that are logging forests illegally.
  • Support Canopy's collaborative and visionary system solutions that protect the remaining ancient and endangered forests.
  • Give preferences to suppliers that show a commitment toward the conservation of these forests.
  • Engage with our suppliers to change practices and/or re-evaluate our relationship with them if we find that our fibers come from ancient and endangered forests, endangered species habitats, or illegal logging.

We will also continue our commitment to use more environmentally and socially positive fabrics, reduce our greenhouse gas footprint, and promote industry leadership in environmental conservation.

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