The Lowline | NYC

We've all been to the Highline and taken visitors there.  It's an innovative engineering feat that utilized an unused space and we are proud to have it in our city.  Now, you will have an even cooler spot to take your visitors (or visit yourself if you are from out of town). After all, the "underground" scene is always a little cooler.  The Lowline is a great project in New York that will transform an abandoned underground trolley terminal into a park. Natural sunlight will be funneled from the street above, allowing for plants to thrive. Imagine a quiet respite just below the non-stop bustle up above on the city streets. We're pretty excited, especially because it's not far from the Loomstate office!

The proposed location is the one-acre former Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal, just below Delancey Street in Manhattan. The site was opened in 1908 for trolley passengers, but has been unused since 1948 when trolley service was discontinued. Learn more about the project >

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