Rockaway Beach Surf Club

Lava Girl Surf is hosting a summer surf workshop series at Rockaway Beach Surf Club, one of our favorite salty nooks in New York. Heading out to the beach from the bustle of the city is always refreshing. We're glad we had this surf workshop to keep us busy on a very flat surf day and we had a great time meeting other female surfers, learning about surfboard shaping from Mike at Natures Shapes, sustainability within surfboard making from David at Imaginary Surf and the very necessary skills of ding repair...both the quick fixes and the time consuming methods that you will ultimately be happier about.

If you missed this workshop, not to worry there will be more this summer - registration is open for the next on October 6th and tickets are available for a surf film festival on Sept 7th. Plus, Rockaway Beach Surf Club is always open for board storage and as a bar Thursdays through Sundays :)
Photos provided by Rockaway's Beth Perkins!

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