JoonBug on Surf Style + Loomstate

"Beach themed clothing is now making a mainstream fashion statement in the country’s most fashionable cities. Board shorts are not only for surfing anymore: they can be worn during downtime, or even in the office when paired with a collared shirt. There are only a few fashion brands that employ this type of ‘endless summer’ style in their clothing designs....

Loomstate is a unique fashion brand. It’s environmentally conscious, versatile, and uses exotic materials like Tencel (built from the cellulose of wood pulp, harvested from sustainably and organically-farmed trees in South Africa) to make the sheer and silky 321 collection. Loomstate also separates itself from other brands in the industry by conducting a series of educational classes led by employees, called the NYC Urban Field Guide. Special collaborations with jewelry artist Maria Moyer on the hand-sanded Blue Porcelain Pendent is one of our personal favorites. Pair the pendant with this reversible Wave Skirt for knockout style. Loomstate’s notable organic cotton tees were the brands claim to fame; the gentlemen can pair a 50% soft organic cotton, 50% recycled polyester SRF+CTY Strike T with jeans, or these tan colored boardshorts with a collared shirt for realistic style that’s more urban."

Read the full story on JoonBug! Shop the Blue Porcelain Pendant Necklace.

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