NY Urban Field Guide: Fire by Friction

Loomstate customers and employees gathered in Prospect Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. If they knew that two hours later they would be holding flaming foliage in their bare hands, we might've lost a few participants at this point. Luckily, we had a very eager and fearless group for this Fire by Friction class, part of our free NY Urban Field Guide series and everyone was able to complete the mission. Loomstate's Sustainability Director Rhett showed us how to make a bow drill from found materials and with a lot of physical effort...make fire. See a bow drill in action.

Ramon builds his tinder bundle while reading the latest Surfer Mag.
DIY fire kit. A good fix blade knife is key!
Emmanuel carving his spindle.
Splicing wood to make a base fire board.
Rhett shows the group how to find the perfect fire bow.
Proper bow drill posture.
Coaxing the coal to ignite the tinder bundle.
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