Forget the Rock Opera

Delivering some good news, credible facts, and providing a clear end goal is what resonates so strongly in Bono’s recent TED talk on ending extreme poverty.  “Forget the rock opera, forget the bombast, my usual tricks. The only thing singing today will be the facts." His assertion that we can end extreme poverty in this generation is not backed by ideals or aesthetic celebration, it is supported by measures that validate our ability to be a poverty ending success in every corner of the world.  

"Facts can challenge cynicism and the apathy that leads to inertia. Facts that tell us what’s working and more importantly what not so we can fix it. Facts that if we hear them and heed them could help us make the challenge that Nelson Mandela made back in 2005 when he asked us to be that great generation that overcomes that most awful offense to humanity, extreme poverty. Facts that build a powerful momentum...We can’t get this done until we really accept that we can get this done."

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