Last year we participated in Fashion Girls for Japan's sample sale to raise funds for earthquake relief in Japan. With the second anniversary of the terrible disaster upon us, the group is organizing a second sale to continue gathering donations for the cause. Where else can you shop all the best designers and know that every penny you spend will go to charity?

Buy your tickets HERE in advance. This year you can also buy an Early Admission ticket, which lets you skip the line through a separate VIP entrance.

See you there!

Tencel, featured in our 321 line, is the latest textile to join the Loomstate family! This material complements our core values of style and sustainable design, as organic cotton does. The yarn's origin is nature, the manufacturing process is 99% waste-free, and the refined look of the fabric is an examined choice by our designers. Here's why we chose Tencel for 321:

Versatility - quick-drying, wrinkle resistant, ideal for movement and travel.
Natural Origins - made from wood pulp, 100% biodegradable.
Low Impact - closed-loop production re-uses 99% of the processing solution, decreasing impact on the environment. It won the Environmental Award for Technology for Sustainable Developments in 2000 from the European Union!
Luxurious Comfort - soft, breathable and lightweight.

The entire Loomstate 321 collection is made in LA and 100% Tencel.

Read more about Loomstate 321 and Tencel here!

Today Loomstate's strategic partnership with Chipotle goes live to the world. Over a year ago, this journey began when we helped re-outfit their entire staff in organic cotton. Together, we have built upon this relationship, expanding our product offering outside of the restaurants with the launch of a Chipotle store.

All of the items on the Chipotle Store are thoughtfully designed, sourced and produced to convey the spirit of Chipotle with the design sensibilities and commitment to sustainable materials that Loomstate is known for. Both food and fiber start at the farm level and we cannot think of a better company to stand with in telling the story of this convergence. Because at the end of the day, it's all connected.

Surfer and filmmaker Bruce Muller has released the first of four shorts as teasers for his full-length experimental documetnary Frequencies due out this Fall. Titled Echo, this short follows longboard surfer Kassia Meador as she rides a wave, slowed down and paired with the spare electronic sounds of psyche-pop band E.S.P. 

Frequencies: Early Echo on
How amazing is this photo that Vogue tweeted?? The legendary Bill Cunningham with Vogue's Leslie Kirchhoff in 321. Lovely.
Melody, meet Chancho. Chancho, Melody.

Shooting the 321 How To Wear videos was a lot of work, but also so much fun. As you know, the 321 styles can be rotated and reversed to be worn multiple different ways. Luckily, our model Melody was a High School basketball player and was fantastically co-ordinated with the many changes and styling that make 321 so versatile. Watch the videos here! We hope it's as fun to watch as it was to make.

Hula Hoops!
Just a few of the 321 looks...

The Accessories Buffet.

See the final videos here!

One Dress, Three Ways: Loomstate’s New Reversible Collection

Loomstate 321’s teal, pink and gray Akan dress: Option 1 
Paired with pointy Manolo Blahnik slingback pumps in pastel hues, the teal Tencel fabric looks polished enough for daytime dressing.
 Loomstate 321’s teal, pink and gray Akan dress: Option 2 
In playful hot pink, the sundress feels more like something to throw on with lace-up K Jacques sandals and Tom Ford sunglasses.
Loomstate 321’s teal, pink and gray Akan dress: Option 3 
Chunky Charlotte Olympia platforms ground the super lightweight dress, making it a great addition to an urban wardrobe.
Photographed by Jeremy Allen

In this multitasking millennium, is it any wonder that we’d like our clothes to serve almost as many purposes as, say, our phones? Loomstate’s latest project, a collection of reversible pieces called Loomstate 321, won’t tell you in an automated voice where the nearest dry cleaner is located (though their washability and wrinkle-resistance renders that information unnecessary anyway), but as far as fashion goes, the eco-friendly line offers plenty of great looking, all-in-one options for spring and summer. Made from sustainable Tencel—a fabric derived from wood pulp that feels no different than soft, stretchy cotton—the individual dresses and tops are built from several thin layers of various colors that, with a flip, can be swapped—so a single teal and pink sundress with gray lining can be gray and pink or green and gray or gray all over. It’s basically another way to approach sustainability, points out Loomstate’s Rogan Gregory. “Reversibility is inherently reusable and valuable,” he says. And though the easy tank and T-shirt shapes look simple, their geometric cuts and slightly-off colors are the result of elevated influences like German-American artist and theorist Josef Albers, Mark Rothko, and Piet Mondrian. “I spend a lot of time in Montauk, so I know women can wear these to the beach,” Gregory says. “But I also imagine wearing them in New York under a blazer or with heels. The possibilities are endless.” To support that,’s Leslie Kirchhoff took advantage of an unseasonably warm afternoon to play around with Loomstate 321’s Akan dress. See how she switched up her style in the slide show above.

Loomstate 321 Akan dress, $228;
March 21, 2012 10:31 a.m.

See it at

With great anticipation, we proudly present the Loomstate 321 Collection! With 321, we propose a new way of dressing. This isn't a gimmick where the "alternative looks" seem forced and look... alternative. And it's not a magic trick. It's an ingenious design concept that we could hardly keep our mouths shut about, and months of research and development. 

We'll start off by introducing the Akan Dress. Shown above, it has 4 layers of colors - White, Yellow, Steel Blue and Black. Its patent-pending design allows it to flip inside out for different color combinations (White & Blue, Yellow & Blue, Yellow & Black, Black & White) without showing an exposed seam. Not only that, the back can be worn as the front and vice versa without looking like you rotated it around, giving you bona fide multiple ways of wearing 1 garment.

Curious how? Watch our fun how-to video and try one on. Available now at, the ROGAN Store at 330 Bowery x Bond NYC, Barneys CO-OP this month and Nordstrom starting in April.

Explore and discover the endless possibilities of 321 at!

Loomstate is on the North Shore of Hawaii this week sun, surf & sand-testing our latest creation… stay tuned for our launch in 5 days!

We hope you agree we're Kickin' Ass!

Treehugger wants your votes for the Reader's Choice portion of the Best of the Green in US Fashion this year! 

Friends, here's our bid for your vote of confidence:

From the beginning, Loomstate has been a champion of environmentally and socially conscious practices, from building demand for organic cotton in the fashion industry to employing sustainable modes of production. 
We began with organic cotton, but we've continued to innovate with new materials and production processes in our programs, all the while maintaining design integrity and fashionable style, like the recycled blanket ponchos collection at Barneys and our Zero-Waste Anorak project with Parsons. 

We cannot wait to reveal our new creations in just a few short days. In the meantime, we hope to get your support!


We fit about 80 looks from the Loomstate Summer '12 Collection into this standard size beach tote! It's not an exaggeration nor magic, just good ol' ingenius design.

Coming soon!!

This is so awesome we can't WAIT to paint all over town with moss! If you see moss tags near you, don't tell...

For the first time in 8 years, you will be able to gaze up at 5 planets with the naked eye every night through March 7th! Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be easily visible without optical aid and that's not all! You can also see a waxing crescent to waxing gibbous moon (if you don't know what that is either, take a look at this lunar calendar) and bright Sirius and Canopus stars. So, grab some friends, some hot toddies and let your eyes adjust. Further reading.

Well, this is one way to inject some energy into a space! Spanish artist Ana Soler strung up 2,000 tennis balls at varying heights that illustrate how a ball would bounce through the air. The perfect and far-reaching arcs in the bright tennis ball green-yellow give the Mustang Art Gallery an incredibly fresh and energized feeling. Just looking at the pictures makes us feel more active and awake already!

Check out Ana Soler's site here.

Via Colossal.