Why Tencel?

Tencel, featured in our 321 line, is the latest textile to join the Loomstate family! This material complements our core values of style and sustainable design, as organic cotton does. The yarn's origin is nature, the manufacturing process is 99% waste-free, and the refined look of the fabric is an examined choice by our designers. Here's why we chose Tencel for 321:

Versatility - quick-drying, wrinkle resistant, ideal for movement and travel.
Natural Origins - made from wood pulp, 100% biodegradable.
Low Impact - closed-loop production re-uses 99% of the processing solution, decreasing impact on the environment. It won the Environmental Award for Technology for Sustainable Developments in 2000 from the European Union!
Luxurious Comfort - soft, breathable and lightweight.

The entire Loomstate 321 collection is made in LA and 100% Tencel.

Read more about Loomstate 321 and Tencel here!

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