Loomstate 321 Is Here!!!

With great anticipation, we proudly present the Loomstate 321 Collection! With 321, we propose a new way of dressing. This isn't a gimmick where the "alternative looks" seem forced and look... alternative. And it's not a magic trick. It's an ingenious design concept that we could hardly keep our mouths shut about, and months of research and development. 

We'll start off by introducing the Akan Dress. Shown above, it has 4 layers of colors - White, Yellow, Steel Blue and Black. Its patent-pending design allows it to flip inside out for different color combinations (White & Blue, Yellow & Blue, Yellow & Black, Black & White) without showing an exposed seam. Not only that, the back can be worn as the front and vice versa without looking like you rotated it around, giving you bona fide multiple ways of wearing 1 garment.

Curious how? Watch our fun how-to video and try one on. Available now at Loomstate.org, the ROGAN Store at 330 Bowery x Bond NYC, Barneys CO-OP this month and Nordstrom starting in April.

Explore and discover the endless possibilities of 321 at Loomstate.org!

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