Loomstate and Parsons Go Green(er) For Eco-Friendly Fashion
Every once in a while a student -- a fashion student to be exact -- will do something pretty cool. Enter Andria Crescioni, Parson newbie designer-in-the-making and eco-fashion warrior.
Crescioni was challenged by Timo Rissanen, Parsons assistant professor of Fashion Design, and Loomstate (a green fashion brand), to make something spectacular to wear that produced zero waste. The concept was to use ALL of the fabric (as in nothing left over or nothing to throw away). It may not sound too hard, but when you think of all the fabric scraps you snip away when you're sewing, things can get a little dicey.
There's no question Crescioni rose to the challenge --  her limited-edition anorak is now being sold at Rogan downtown and online at Loomstate.org. With only ten in existence, you can bet you better purchase one of these bad boy before they run out.