All about the Anorak

From left: Timo Rissanen, Rogan Gregory, the anorak, Simon Collins, Scott Mackinlay-Hahn, Julie Gilhart

Last night, Loomstate, eco-conscious friends and trailblazers came together to celebrate the launch of the Zero-Waste Anorak! With the pattern up on the walls of the ROGAN Store and mannequins in the unisex anorak, conversations about the future of sustainable design can be heard all around the room. That is exactly how we wanted the zero-waste anorak launch to be - sparking discussions and bouncing ideas off the green fashion set. 

The pattern, complete with notes and sew lines, by Andria Crescioni is truly genius. It goes outside of the box with inventive cuts, clearly not limited by the rectangular shape of the fabric. Zero waste is all about turning negative space to positive, and it's just amazing how there is no unusable piece - every inch becomes a detail on the final garment. 

the pattern!

Guest studying the pattern

Stop by 330 Bowery at Bond, and check out the zero waste pattern & anorak! 

No waste, no sweat. 

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