Hot Toddy Weather!

Apple cider, pumpkin pies and color-changing leaves aside, one of the best things about Fall is a full-body warming Hot Toddy. Here's our version for an easy and delicious cold remedy, or just a great drink to cozy up with by the fireplace. 

You need:
organic lemon
cinnamon stick
raw honey
star anise (optional)
whiskey/bourbon (optional)

Boil water for tea and brew the tea as you will. We like organic black tea, like Numi's Breakfast Blend, but it's good with green, herbal or mixed flavor teas too. Spoon some raw honey to taste - it adds a subtle minty nose which is good if you're not feeling so hot. Add 2 lemon rounds. Stir with cinnamon stick for spice. Add star anise for an extra licorice-like kick, but take it out after 15-20 seconds because one star is surprisingly strong. Add a shot of whiskey if you're in the mood. Grab a blanket, grab a friend, put on a movie & sip up!

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