A Visit to the Future AKA Solar Decathlon

Even though it was more grey than sunny, we went to DC to check out the super awesome Solar Decathlon! We really mean it when we say all teams did a phenomenal job. This was a fun educational trip to explore a more efficient way of living and it's definitely worth waiting in theme-park-like lines. Each house has its own unique ideas for being energy and cost efficient, but they all showed us that green living doesn't necessarily mean living in a spaceship, and that it can be easily integrated and accessible. Besides being blown away by the teams' ambitions and successes, we picked up some ideas that can be implemented now in our existing homes. 

A bio-wall with plants that work as an air filter.

A rain water catcher with a trap that opens when it's full.

An outdoor shower that works by catching rain water. We remember making simpler versions of these while camping with metal cans!

We just loved this quote and that it was engraved into the floorboards.

Hanging plant pockets can be added anywhere. DIY or buy a kit.

Empowerhouse team members in their self-printed Loomstate tees!

Check out the scores for each team here, changing daily until October 2nd, when the winner will be announced before all the houses return to their colleges or move to a new neighborhood to become single-family houses like the Empowerhouse. Pay them a visit before they're gone & vote for your favorite for the People's Choice Award!

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